Saturday, 30 June 2012

Quality Cheap Cinematic lighting (Video)

Rotolight RL48-A Stealth HD LED Ringlight

Rotolights have to be one of the most useful pieces of equipment in my filmic arsenal. They are very cheap for filmic lights at only £100 per light; they consist of 48 colour accurate (white balanced LEDs). They provide you with a full set of CT, ND and diffusion gels which are very useful for various situations. They are equivalent to 50w tungsten light in terms of output. They can create warm, shadowless lighting with a pleasing ringlight effect, this is good for a close up shot of a persons face, this gives the twinkle spot in there eyes. Finally they have a range of mounting options available including hotshoe, stand, tripod and shotgun mic. They run on 3AA batteries which give you about about 4 hours battery lifeFinally, the creme de la creme is that they only weigh 200 grams. Overall these lights are very useful for portable professional lighting and filming in a studio.Here is the Product

Description given by amazon:"The multi award-winning Rotolight RL48-A Stealth Edition HD LED ringlight provides naturally warm, shadowless light and delivers studio-accurate 6900K, Dylight 5600K, 4100 and Tungsten 3200K light fast, when you need it, so you'll never miss that perfect shot. As a continuous light source, Rotolight is perfect for HD-DSLR photography, videography or HD cinematography. Accurately dimmable (using supplied neutral density filters) over a range of 1.5 f-stops, Rotolight can be mounted over a shotgun mic or, by using the optional mount, an accessory shoe, lighting stand, tripod, lighting clamp or rail support system. Easy to use and providing perfect colour balance in a lightweight and highly portable package, Rotolight gives the user a superb, self-contained lighting solution for virtually any shoot."

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